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Night of Swing!




Alright, one of my favorite hobbies is swing dancing! I love it, basically if I don’t go dancing at least once a week my life is incomplete. So the swing place I normally go to had a big end of the semester dance, complete with live band and costume competition. Since I am going into costume design I could not pass this up. I went all out, got a dress from the costume shop I work at, did my makeup and hair in the time period and won the costume competition! Was there ever any doubt? Here are some pictures from that night. Enjoy!


PICT3037pikhairmakeup collage      PICT3193PICT3214pikPICT3056pik


About Me!


My name is Clarissa and I’m a college student who loves designing and fashion! I’m always sketching up some new idea so I decided to make a blog to show my ideas to the world. I have worked in the wedding industry for the past few years and love it! If it can be made with fabric I’ll do it! If you like something comment and tell me what you think.  GEDC0390pik