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T-shirt remake dresses!


This is a quick DIY dress made from a top I had, some 2 in knit elastic and a skirt I made out of some of my stash fabric.

Cost? About $2 for the elastic. That’s it!

Best part? I get compliments every time I wear this! Chartreuse and Navy= new fave color combo!


Antro Inspired Dress


I saw this adorable shirt on a ramble through Anthropology and decided it needed to be remade into a Little Black Dress. the best part? My machine was down so I made this on a ten dollar cheapo machine.



So I finally got around to getting one of my swim suit patterns cut out and put together. This one I call Betti, it just has a retro feel to it that I love! Definately wearing this next time I’m swimming! betti collage